In the last 2 decades, we excelled in developing leading pet supply retail chains throughout the region of SE Europe.

Now joined under the Pet Network group, we embrace the opportunity of sharing our knowledge, passion and strengths to deliver more substantial value to pets and our communities.

Our mission is to connect the dots between the pet community, experts, service providers, and animal welfare organizations.

By establishing an international network of participants engaged in promoting pet wellness and strengthening the human-animal bond, we aim to build a Pet Network as a powerful accelerator of progression leading to improvements in day to day life of pets and pet families.

Dedicated Pet Network teams are continuously implementing a range of initiatives and innovations in the pet care field, determined to respond to a variety of needs for all pet owners and always exceed their expectations.

  • 1999

    PET CENTAR Croatia

    PET CENTAR Croatia

    9 veljače, 1999
    PET CENTAR Croatia
  • 2001

    ANIMAX Romania

    ANIMAX Romania

    1 veljače, 2001
    Animax Logo
  • 2004

    Mr. Pet Slovenia

    Mr. Pet Slovenia

    2 veljače, 2004
    Mr. Pet Logo
  • 2008

    PET CENTAR Serbia

    PET CENTAR Serbia

    20 veljače, 2008
    PET CENTAR Serbia
  • 2010

    MAXI PET Romania

    MAXI PET Romania

    10 veljače, 2010
    MAXI PET Romania
  • 2018

    Formation of PET NETWORK group

    Formation of PET NETWORK group

    21 veljače, 2018
    Formation of PET NETWORK group
  • 2020

    MAXI PET Bulgaria

    MAXI PET Bulgaria

    19 veljače, 2020
    MAXI PET Bulgaria




ANIMAX Romania


Mr. Pet Slovenia




MAXI PET Romania


Formation of PET NETWORK group


MAXI PET Bulgaria


Timo T. Tervo

CEO and Board Member
Pet Network Group

Timo comes to us with more than 15 years of retail experience including a long career at Lidl, lastly as a Regional Director of the strategically important Italian market, followed by Country Director of Finland at leading Scandinavian pet retailer Musti.

Martina Babić

CFO and Board Member
Pet Network Group

  • Currently CFO and a Board Member of Pet Network Group, since its formation in 2018 through consolidation of Pet Centar d.o.o. (Croatia, Serbia, Romania), Pet Product (Romania) and Mimaja d.o.o. (Slovenia).
  • Martina oversees Group’s financial operations across all five markets.
  • Previously held executive and financial positions in retail and distribution sector:
    • CEO/CFO of Douglas perfumeries
    • Operational director of Iris d.d. – local chain of perfumeries and fashion store
    • Sales & marketing manager of Laura Cosmetics – distribution of luxury fragrances and cosmetics

Neda Vuk

CEO Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria

  • Neda is currently the CEO and a Board Member of Pet Network Group, since its formation in 2022 through the consolidation of Pet Centar d.o.o. (Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria). She oversees the Group’s operations across all 3 markets and has personally led the establishment of the Group’s Bulgarian operations in 2020.
  • Neda was previously the Corporate Retail Leader for the group 5 markets overseeing operations across Croatia, Serbia and Romania.
  • Neda grew through the Pet Centar organization, beginning in 2007 with her appointment as Retail Director of Pet Centar Croatia. She led the group’s successful expansion to Serbia in 2008 and to Romania in 2010.
  • Her extensive knowledge was previously built in renowned retail brand Lidl. With the expansion to the Croatian market, Neda was in charge of the opening of first stores in Croatia.

Borut Magister

CEO Slovenia

  • Borut is currently CEO of Pet Network SI, responsible for Pet Network’s retail and wholesale operations in Slovenia.
  • Borut was one of the original founders of Mr. Pet in 2004. He has continuously served as CEO and led the successful expansion of the Mr. Pet retail network throughout Slovenia.
  • Borut’s strong leadership and people management qualities, along with a highly service-oriented mindset, have crucially contributed to Pet Network’s success.
  • Prior to his career in the pet sector, Borut held senior commercial roles at Merit International, one of the leading Slovenian FMCG distributors.

Adriana Mateescu

CEO Romania

  • Since the consolidation in 2018 of Pet Product and Pet Centar, Adriana is Managing Director of Pet Network Romania overseeing entire value chain: Operations, Business Development, HR, Finance.
  • During this period the company has seen double digit growth each year. Before 2018, she managed Pet Product’s finance and business development processes.
  • Adriana has 18 years of experience in various management positions, out of which 15+ in Pet Industry.
  • She holds a bachelor diploma in Marketing and Economics and most recently she completed a 2 year MBA from Tiffin University Ohio.

Maja Lalić

Executive assistant to the Management Board

Sally Hopson

Advisor of the Board
Pet Network Group

  • Currently the CEO of Sofology, one of the UK’s leading specialist sofa retailers.
  • Previously held several senior positions during a 10-year career at Pets at Home, the UK’s leading pet care company:
    • CEO of Veterinary Division
    • CEO of Services Division
    • Customer, People and Development Director
  • Previously had a successful 14-year career at Asda Stores, a leading British supermarket chain, including her latest role as Director of Retail Operations, Marketing and People.
  • Held Board-level roles as Non-Executive Director for the Retail Trust and for Jardiland, a French garden centre chain with a strong focus on pet care.
  • Sally brings world-class pet care expertise and has been a leading force in the retail industry’s commitment to responsible and sustainable practices, leading the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative of the DFS Group alongside her role as Sofology CEO.
  • Previously served as a commissioner on The Women in Work Commission and the Learning and Skills Council which was recognized in an MBE awarded in 2006.


Animal Welfare Icon

Animal welfare

Nurturing animal health is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s sourcing ingredients to nourish, providing exceptional veterinary recommendations, or ensuring welfare within our supply chain, we promote animal wellbeing at every opportunity.

Service Expertise

Our customers and their pets deserve exceptional customer service. We care about providing the highest levels of service across our business, sharing in-depth industry knowledge and professional veterinary support that you can depend upon.

Social Awareness

By supporting local communities and raising awareness of animal welfare and reaching out to those in need, we provide access to nutrition and pet care. We embrace the opportunity to share our knowledge across social platforms and use them as a tool to promote animal wellbeing.

Multicultural Mindset Icon

Multicultural mindset

Wonderful things happen when we all work together. We embrace diversity and inclusivity and celebrate all cultures. A shared love for animals unites us all, and we know our differences make us stronger.

Gender Equality Icon

Gender equality

All members of our team, and the wider community, should feel empowered, irrespective of gender. We actively seek out ways to balance gender inequality and make sure everyone is given a voice and a chance to be heard.

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