Promoting human wellbeing within pet community

We’re committed to ensuring human wellbeing across every element of our business, operations and supply chain. At every stage, the protection of human rights is ensured, so we can guarantee that our people are cared for to the highest standards.

Highest level of care for animals

Animal health is of the utmost importance to us, whether that’s achieved by sourcing only the finest ingredients for nutrition, or employing highly skilled veterinarians. We’re honest about our sources and ingredients so you can make trusted, informed decisions for your pets.

Pet support in local communities

We believe in making a difference to as many people and pets as we can. By offering help and support to local communities we are able to further promote pet wellbeing, whether through nutrition or medical assistance. All pets deserve the very best.

Strict operational compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements

Our pet products are produced in legal compliance with all industry specific regulatory and licensing requirements. This makes it easy for our pet owners to know that they are making safe, healthy choices that promote wellbeing and vitality.

Promoting enviromentally sustainable practices

The health of pets in the future depends on reversing climate change now. We are committed to reducing our impact on the natural world. Our operations are environmentally conscious, and we continue to seek out ways to reduce our packaging, energy and water usage.

World class, inclusive governance standards

We celebrate diversity and do not tolerate prejudice. By promoting an inclusive workplace with world-class governance standards, we ensure our teams feel safe and empowered. We’re committed to achieving equality for all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds.

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