Our customers deserve only the best.

In our mission to enhance everyday life for pet families, we are constantly developing and introducing innovative and value-added products.

With a passion for quality, we strive for excellence and produce all our products with consideration for animals, people and the environment. Today, we have a number of established brands and unique own brands that we are proud to offer customers across all Pet Network chains.



ASPECT is a top line of super premium complete food for adult dogs, adapted to the specifics of each breed and led by the philosophy that each breed requires a well-adapted daily diet. This mono-protein breed-specific dog food with a carefully selected recipe and superfood ingredients ensures the optimal dose of complete food that your dog will enjoy every day. ASPECT is a 100% natural food without gluten, dairy products and GMO ingredients.


Rich taste and high biological value ingredients, expertly balanced for your dog’s health and vitality, make super-premium dog food Rustican a genuinely great food. Holistic and gluten-free, the Rustican recipe mirrors your dog’s natural diet, nourishes caringly and keeps your champion vigorous and fit for a truly great life.


Natural superpremium food, Petkult respects the standard of healthy nutrition appropriate for cats and dogs. All formulas have great taste and high tolerance because of the easily digestible meat and carbohydrates: lamb, turkey, krill crustaceans, turkey fat, brown rice. The carefully selected ingredients are natural and prevent allergies and food intolerances, being designed for all breeds of adult and junior cats and dogs.


WolfPack cold-pressed dog food formulation is based on feeding principles of dogs and wolves in their natural habitat. The unique process of cold pressing preserves essential nutrients, including those of oils, herbs, fruits, veggies and algae. This is what makes WolfPack food gentle on dog’s stomach and easy to digest – thus beneficial also for delicate digestion.

Ultra-premium dry food range is complemented with assorted selection of 100% natural WolfPack snacks, Delicatesse sausages made of 100% steam-cooked meat and herbs enriched canned food.


DEVORA ultra premium formulas are inspired from the feeding manner of the dogs’ ancestors which hunted and devoured one prey once, so they had a single animal protein to digest at one meal.The main ingredient is always the fresh meat, carefully selected from various and special sources: horse, rabbit, lamb, deer, duck, salmon.

DEVORA formulas contain only natural ingredients of high quality and no artificial colors, flavors or chemical preservatives.


A premium range of complete cat and dog food with high meat composition and carefully selected quality ingredients, provides an easily digestible daily meal, without artificial colours or preservatives.

Being the best value for money in the mid-price range category, REMI caters to all life stages and some special pet needs (sterilized).

Maxi Pet

We are aware that sometimes pet parents have to budget carefully. To meet their 4-paws companions’ nutritional needs at affordable prices, we created MAXI PET line of dog and cat food, both dry and canned.

Maxi Pet Complete Care – cat food recipes with beef, chicken or fish are tasty and highly nutritious meals with no added artificial colours and preservatives.

Maxi Pet Dog food stands out with nutritional values and palatability within its price range on the market.


ENJOY consists of a large number of premium products for cats, dogs and small animals: accessories, cat litter, dog food and snacks, fish food.


MITZY economy products are intended exclusively for cats and consist of dry and wet complete food and a wide range of cat litter. The mix of natural ingredients, the kibbles features and juicy chunks in a delicious gravy are just right to satisfy the appetite of a wide range of cat breeds.

The cat litter, bentonite and silica products, are natural formulas that absorb urine and retain bad odors in the cat tray, being safe for pets and the environment.

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